Calcium hypochlorite 200g tablets
  • Calcium hypochlorite 200g tablets

Calcium hypochlorite 200g tablets

Calcium hypochlorite (sodium method) production: 15000 tons/year




Product Description

Calcium hypochlorite (sodium method) production: 15000 tons/year


Registered trademark: Juxian

CASE NO: 7778-54-3

Chemical Molecular Formula: Ca(ClO)2



Executive standard: GB/T10666-2008

Color: White or slightly gray

Condition: Granules (14-50 mesh, 10-30 mesh), 1-500g tablets (7g oval tablets, 20g, 100g, 200g)

Available chlorine content: 65%, 70%




1.For bleaching wooden paddles. Silk. Cloth. Fiber
2. Disinfection and sterilization and do. 3. Chemical agents
, disinfectants of radioactive substances

4. Animal husbandry, animal husbandry;


Regular packing: 40kg/45kg/50kg plastic drum


Customer-specified packaging:



How to use:
1. 100kg 65% bleaching essence added to 1 ton of water, can be formulated into an effective chlorine content
of 6.5% bleach solution 2.1 tons of water add 1.7g of bleaching powder to prepare disinfectant water containing an efficiency of <> part per million.


1. High effective chlorine content
2. Stability is particularly good, at room temperature, it can be stored for a long time, and the effective content loss is less
3. High solubility, easily soluble in water to form a high concentration of bleach, less insoluble matter


Storage Method:

Store in a dry, cool, ventilated place, away from sun exposure, away from fire and heat. Never come into contact with organic substances, acids and reducing agents.

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